Benefits of HIPAA-Compliant Live Chat for Plastic Surgeons

More than ever before, plastic surgery practices face challenges when it comes to keeping lines of communication open to reach potential new patients. In the past, that meant unqualified dead-end appointments, email and snail mail outreach, and other costly and time-consuming marketing efforts. 

Today, however, live chat offers plastic surgeons an easy and effective way to communicate with current and prospective patients, and enjoy other benefits inherent in HIPAA-compliant live chat. 


The HIPAA-compliance package

Plastic surgeons are now well-versed in their responsibilities under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. But HIPAA also requires compliance from companies that work for physicians and manage patients’ protected health information. In the case of a live chat provider,  they must be willing to meet HIPPA requirements and sign a Business Associate Agreement that explicitly defines how they will manage and protect PHI in accordance with the law. It also means these service providers, or Business Associates, are actually liable for ensuring they too are in compliance, so that plastic surgeons can rest easier knowing their live chat is secure. Find out more about HIPAA-compliant live chat in our blog, “HIPAA Compliant Live Chat: What to Look for in a Provider.”


Industry knowledge

Skilled live chat hosts are key to successful live chat for plastic surgeons who not only want to provide great service but to also gain leads and convert visitors to new patients. That takes industry-specific training that includes everything from terminology to HIPAA compliance to the culture of each individual practice. At Site Staff, we feel that hiring live chat hosts who are college-educated and based in the United States gives plastic surgeons the edge they need to provide the best possible live chat experience and ultimately see the return on investment they expect.


Human engagement

There is simply no better way to provide empathetic and understanding live chat services than with actual humans. Chatbots are great for many industries, but it requires the human touch to carefully address the complex concerns of people seeking medical assistance. With human live chat hosts, each caller is treated as an individual and every question is answered with care and knowledge, just as if they were speaking with the office staff. When live chat is proactive, website visitors receive a quick response, don’t have to wait on hold, and immediately feel they are important and respected. Our blog, “The Human Touch: How Empathetic Marketing Helps Plastic Surgeons” explains just how important empathetic human interaction is to the success of live chat for plastic surgeons.


24/7, 365 availability

Even the most dedicated plastic surgeons need time off, but with live chat, the office is always open. No longer do potential patients have to wait to have their pressing questions and concerns addressed. Website visitors in every time zone can engage a live chat host any hour of the day or night, quickly get the help they need, and move along in their journey to become new patients. With HIPAA-compliant live chat, each practice can tailor their package of services to meet their needs and easily make changes when required. Find out more about successful live chat in our blog, “Best Practices for Live Chat Leads.”


Live chat transcripts

Every single live chat is recorded in writing, resulting in a transcript that provides surgeons and their staff with valuable and essential information about the visitor. This information can be integrated in the practice’s CRM database, used for follow-up calls and to inform physicians prior to meeting with new patients. Creating a live chat transcript not only provides a record, but it also enables staff and surgeons to save time and immediately build on the relationship started by the live chat host. And, HIPAA-compliant live chat provides the security needed to keep each live chat transcript safe and protect each patient’s privacy.


Screen potential new patients

Live chat offers plastic surgeons an excellent way to identify likely new patients as opposed to those who are just curious or who could be better served by another surgeon or practice. This not only saves time with dead-end appointments for surgeons and staff but also leaves visitors feeling the live chat host has their best interest at heart. Even those visitors who do not become patients can be good ambassadors when they relate a positive experience to friends and family. 


HIPAA-compliant live chat for plastic surgeons is a great way to reach out to potential new patients. Period. Site Staff would like to show you exactly how great with a 30-Day Free Trial. There’s never been a better time to make live chat a part of your marketing and patient service offerings, so contact us today.