Jefferson Nunn - Thoughts on the Stimulus Package [video]


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For over 20 years, you've consulted for high net worth individuals generating millions for clients,

including Bronco and Go Wireless. You are a contributor for Forbes magazine, an expert in online

marketing and SEO strategies as well as traditional marketing avenues. You've been granted two

innovative patents and have operated as a CIO for companies and you maintain your knowledge with

the latest research technologies and best practices for businesses and individuals. The author of Seven

Deadly Crypto Sins. Please welcome Jefferson Nunn to the virtual orange couch.


Jefferson Nunn:

Thank you.


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Absolutely, they just passed a stimulus and I wanted to see your thoughts on the stimulus and

how it works to help us now.


Jefferson Nunn:

At the moment by my calculations, it's only ever lead package in a very short term one at that. If not, it's

like this, we were putting just enough gas in the tank to maybe get us to another gas station and I don't

know what that gas, if that gas station actually has gas in it, you know, about like that you know, the

families that money, is going to go very quick, you know these small business loans that turn into our

relief package. If you forgivable loan, if you pay your employees that's sort of interesting, you know, but

only again, short term, you know, a month or two. And then what I mean the world is different. You

know, some businesses have already gone bankrupt, you know, it's that supply chain truthfully had

structural issues that now grow as a result of this. So you know, when we all walk out the front door, it's

going to be a different world. And now we're going to have to try to figure out how to do things again.

You know, it's of like this, you know, we broke our leg and we just went to the hospital and they said,

well, here's the cast. We still have to learn how to walk again.


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Jefferson Nunn:

So, just remember that.


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Well, and on that subject, what is that new norm going to be in your opinion for businesses and how will

businesses need to adapt to survive after we go through this?


Jefferson Nunn:

I will say it again. The opportunities are there. Another way to look at it is there's 5 billion people on the

planet that are connected to the internet. It's staggering, we've never had this in all of human history

where five eighths of the planet, were all connected all at once. That's never happened like ever. So you

talk, there's an opportunity because if Elon Musk has his way, well, the other three, it will be connected

real soon. And so you add to that the innovations that are coming with, you know, blockchain and things

like that. That's another innovation. That's the first completely virtual application on the internet. It

never had that before either. Right? And so you add to that all the other AI and opportunities that are

coming there, and I think that's the start of what would be a 21st century technology that could really

change how we all do business.


Jefferson Nunn:

You know, another way to look at it is there is certainly no shortage of wealth in the solar system. All

right? There's no shortage of, wealth, you need gold, you need hydrogen. Pick any resource. It's all out

there for the taking. Nasa just actually gave you, the first mission to that asteroid, right? That's where

it's something like $100 trillion. The number I can't even imagine and that mission, by the way, only

costs like 10 billion to get there. Somebody else did a study. You bring that rock into parking off shore in

Los Angeles, but it only costs only, ONLY about a billion dollars. You know, those oil pipelines cost 100

million dollars to build 1 billion. Which way do you think the future is going to go? Absolutely. And

there's the opportunity. There's plenty in every field imaginable. There's plenty of opportunity. Building

houses that have even more eco-sustainable building methods. Pick something. There's an opportunity.