Unsure about the effectiveness of live chat? Our case study will demonstrate how our live chat service will help you grow your leads in the plastic surgery industry.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from our case study:

  • How our approach works for plastic surgery practices
  • How our tool can humanize your website
  • How we convert inquiries into appointments and consultations
  • What our clients have to say about working with us

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Working with SiteStaff has been an absolute pleasure; they are extremely effective and professional in handling incoming leads to our website. We are so excited about the growth we’ve seen in our Practice as a result of  working with SiteStaff. We have weekly meetings with their team to review specific chats and the chat hosts are quick to adapt and make changes, based on our recommendations.

Ashley Davenport, Rapaport Plastic Surgery

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Commitment to client culture

Our clients trust us to represent them in first contact with their website visitors, because we take the time to understand their culture. This means our onboarding and review process is a little longer, but it guarantees a genuine connection with each visitor.


Empathic engagement

Our college-educated, American chat staff combine technical proficiency with empathy and a deep insight into a client’s brand and company culture to engage with each visitor on a personal level.


Performance guarantee

If we agree to serve a client, we do so with a unique commitment — we guarantee the business will turn a profit, or we will serve them for free until they do. This is the most honest way we can run our business, and also serve theirs.

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