Wondering what live chat services you need? Our pricing guide will explain our customer service live chat services and pricing packages.

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  • Live Lead Transfer Services
  • Online Call Transfer Services
  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Explanation of Costs and Fees

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SiteStaff has a personality that can empathize with what the live chat person is going through. They’re very professional and caring and giving. It’s a very emotional purchase. SiteStaff is fabulous and if you have the opportunity to use them, you absolutely should.

Jamie Donile, Belmont Village

It definitely has improved our close ratios with our online leads, for sure. You’re going to see results within that first month. And the cost per lead is lower than almost all other advertising. I don’t have any other streams that come in at that low of a rate.

Shawn Northcutt, St. Andrew’s Village

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Commitment to client culture

Our clients trust us to represent them in first contact with their website visitors, because we take the time to understand their culture. This means our onboarding and review process is a little longer, but it guarantees a genuine connection with each visitor.


Empathic engagement

Our college-educated, American chat staff combine technical proficiency with empathy and a deep insight into a client’s brand and company culture to engage with each visitor on a personal level.


Performance guarantee

If we agree to serve a client, we do so with a unique commitment — we guarantee the business will turn a profit, or we will serve them for free until they do. This is the most honest way we can run our business, and also serve theirs.